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WAVE Presentation Meeting Room

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The Problem

Management at WAVE needed a more efficient way to capture and display meeting content including pre built presentations and videos. The room had no means of hosting a digital presentation and they wanted to do so, with the ability to interact with the display. Being an interior design branch for their organization, our client also stressed the importance of aesthetics while designing the system.

The Solution

The problem was clear and with careful consideration, Haverford Systems suggested a system that allowed for a clear and interactive presentation platform. The use of an interactive whiteboard display and a short throw projector allows for great image quality, the ability for the presenter to manage the presentation from the board itself and a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look.

Client Testimonial

“Haverford Systems came in and gave us some great suggestions and designed the system for us and it has been working great. We have all levels of users and different technological backgrounds and they are all using the Smart Board. We needed a way to capture what was in the meeting, we had nothing previously in the conference room, no sound system or anything so we needed sound, we wanted something where we could display videos as well as meeting presentations and those were are requirements. They were met well by Haverford Systems. All along the way, our sales rep Perry was here working with contractors and the installers to ensure everything went smoothly.”

Debbie Depeppe, IT Manager, WAVE

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