Sound Masking increases Privacy and Productivity…..

Recent interactions with users and potential users of Sound Masking confirms the benefits are worth the investment.

One common request is for increased speech privacy.  Increasing privacy improves the workplace and productivity.  Next time you sit down at your desk to get your work done take a moment to listen carefully to your surroundings.  Workers are often distracted by surrounding conversations.  Have you ever considered how difficult it is to not listen in on a conversation that you can over hear.  You don’t want to listen?  You just want to concentrate and get your job done, but somehow it is impossible to focus and carry on with your work.  A properly designed and installed Sound Masking system will eliminate workers ability to over hear these distracting conversations.  And workers appreciate an environment that allows them to do their jobs without the frustration of interruptions.

Many offices are built with paper thin walls that barely extend past the ceiling tiles.  In these offices workers can even hear each other through walls.  Are you hesitant to have a conversation because it may be overheard?  What damage does it do to your organization when private conversations are overheard?  If you have these problems ask Haverford Systems to visit and give you a Free No Obligation demonstration of Sound Masking.

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