Sharp AQUOS Pen Software Explained

Sharp AQUOS Pen Software Explained






Everybody is talking about the Sharp AQUOS interactive LCD’s and the new interactive software. I have spent some time learning about the software and wanted to share the info. The Sharp Pen Software’s best features are based around a easy to use white boarding software. You can easily integrate office documents, pictures and just plain white boarding space for a interactive collaboration.

Some people have been asking if they can integrate the actual Sharp Pen Software with Microsoft Office. The answer is No, not directly. To annotate and save a displayed document (without opening Sharp Pen Software), a third party annotation software would be required to accept the annotations. You can use the Sharp Interactive LCD to annotate directly into Microsoft Office using the Digital Ink function within MS Office. When using the Sharp Pen Software to annotate over a MS office document one would have to import it into Sharp Pen. Once you have imported a Microsoft Office document into the Sharp Pen Software it will then be saved as a sharp file, image file or a PDF.

Other popular uses of the Sharp AQUOS interactive LCD include interactive video conferencing. Some of our clients are using GoToMeeting and WebEx with the Sharp AQUOS interactive LCD to collaborate on one document with multiple sites across the world.


Other interactive LCD’s on the market include the Smart 8070i, Panasonic Touchscreen and ELO’s 55′ 5500. My next post will compare some of the major differneces between the markets top touch screen LCD’s.


Paul Richards