Part 2: LCD Display Review Aspect Ratio, Size and Resolutions

3/10/13: LCD Display review:

I have chosen’s Sharp’s Quattron LED LCD lineup for this review. Each LCD has the power to make people smile with large High Definition pictures that look crystal clear due to their high contrast ratios of 10,000:1. Each of these LCD’s is built for 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920×1080 resolution viewing. With 4 HDMI inputs on each LCD you have plenty of room to expand your A/V System right here at the source of your video. It’s worth mentioning Sharp has a great interactive LCD selection. The interactive capabilities add roughly $2,000 to the end price although they ONLY have 1 HDMI input. If you are interested in the interactive LCD check our dedicated post here.

For size selection check out our easy to use graph above. The Horizontical Axis represents the distance from the farthest viewer. The Vertical axis represents the LCD size.

 These calculation are based on the 12 point font rule established by the University of Arizona. You will notice that for conference rooms where the farthest view is 21′ away from the screen a 80″ LCD display is recommended. If the farthest viewer is more than 21′ away from the screen you may want to consider using a Epson projector depending on your budget.

Until next time 🙂
Paul Richards