InFocus MondoPad Review

Let’s start with what the MonodoPad does best. It’s an out of the box, all-in-one solution, for the 21st century interactive conference room. The MondoPad comes in both 55″ and 70″ models now with rumours of a 80″ “Big Board” coming in Q2-Q3. The MondoPad’s top features include: Interactive Whiteboarding, Vidtel Video Conferencing, Microsoft office integration and easy to use interface. 

The first impression leaves most consumers wowed by one of the industry’s first all-in-one computer/LCD with gorgeous software turning a 55″-70″ LCD into the worlds largest iPad. InFocus has made some very easy to use software that makes even the most computer timid users able to interact. The MondoPad software basically runs as a “outer-shell” to Window 7. The beauty of this set-up is that it allows anything that can be done on Windows 7 to be simplified and run as an “app” on the MondoPad Software. 
There is of course room for improvement. InFocus is going to need to figure out how to give a external computer the ability to connect and use the interactive board. Currently the MondoPad has 2 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 Composite and 1 Component input. Surprisingly there is a USB-A input which does not pass through interactivity to external computers. 
In the coming month’s InFocus will announcing a new product that is re-designed for Windows 8 allowing for Multi-Touch. They will also announce a clear upgrade path for MondoPad’s running Windows 7. InFocus will also be announcing the “Big Board” which will be a 80″ touch display with a built in computer but no MondoPad Software. The Big Board will be geared at a lower price point entry level interactive conference rooms.
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Paul Richards

Image Source(s): InFocus