IFM Effector Office Sound Masking

Sound Masking Emitter in a ceiling tile

The Problem

At the IFM Efector Headquarters in Exton, PA the sounds of phone calls and video chats permeated the air creating an uphill battle for the sales departments, who found the constant noise distracting.

The Solution

With their needs and requirements defined, IFM Efector reached out to Haverford Systems to solve their noise issues. After careful consideration, Haverford Systems designed a system that would enable an environment more conducive to easily communicating with independent tuning for each sales area depending on its specific needs. Now that this system has been installed, not only has their sales team commented on the noticeable improvement but so has their most valuable asset; their customers.

“Employees and customers have noted a change in that the space is quieter with fewer distractions.” says John Isabell, Sales Manager for IFM Efector. “There is an increased focus as conversations do not carry through the space. This has not only improved employee productivity, but has also enhanced the customer experience. The installation had a very low impact on working conditions. The implementation was very easy, we’re very pleased. Some people were surprised. At first, a few of the employees were a little skeptical about what effect, if any, the system would have on the work environment. But ultimately, the system has exceeded expectations.”

System Features

  • Cambridge Sound Management Quiet Technologies QT600
  • 100 Direct Field Sound Masking Emitters

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