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1/25/2013 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your office burglarized?  Well you can be sure that it is something that you don’t want to happen.  What does a burglar do when he sees all of the computers sitting on every desk?  He is probably not thinking of the data and software and configurations that are so difficult if not impossible to replace.  The burglar just thinks how easy they are to steal and sell.   Sure this is not a nice subject to think about.  But what if this happened to you tonight?  Are you prepared?  Would you want to catch the person if it happens to you?  The best  thing you can do to protect yourself is to purchase and install a video surveillance and recording system.  Not only will the presence of the system deter burglars but if they do strike you will have everything recorded.  You will have what it take to recover those computers and the data they contain.


1/25/2013  Soundtube Announcement

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our RS-EZ line. The new RS-EZ line is our series of Economy pendant speakers for open-ceiling applications. The RS-EZ series consists of 4″, 6.5″ and 8″ coaxial speakers utilizing our BroadBeam Ring™ that can also be found in our BGM series. The use of the BroadBeam Ring™ in conjunction with the RS-EZ series gives these speakers exceptional off-axis performance.

The RS-EZ series also has a 3″ full range pendant speaker that features an optional transformer. We are also offering the high powered HP82-EZ. The HP82-EZ uses our BroadBeam® HP compression driver for applications requiring a longer throw while providing excellent coverage. With the exception of the 3″ version’s all-in-one mounting system, speakers may be mounted via a hanging cable or direct conduit.

For more information regarding our new RS-EZ series, please refer to the link below to download the attached RS-EZ brochure. You can also view the RS-EZ series on our website by visiting this link: RS-EZ Series.

All models are currently in stock and ready to ship!

1/28/2013 Epson Announces Pro G

Proudly presenting our first 70001 lumens projector that uses only one lamp!

Do you need bright projection? Offering as much as 70001 lumens of color brightness and 70001 lumens of white brightness, using a single lamp.

Do you want advanced capability? Combining HDBase-T2, HD-SDI2, HDMI and DisplayPort connections on the same projector, what else do you need?

Epson’s industry leading top selling Pro G series just got even better. They are now brighter, more advanced and looking sleeker.

With up to WUXGA2 resolution, integrated edge blending, 360-degree installation flexibility and a new wide lens, the new series will continue to impress you.

1/28/2013 Crestron Announces

Crestron Cable Retractors
Crestron Cable Retractors

Ideal for use in conference room tables and podiums, Crestron Cable Retractors provide a convenient cable management solution for use with most Crestron FlipTop™ Boxes, making it a breeze to connect laptop computers to a room’s AV system. The old mess of tangled and hard to access cables is now replaced by a clean, organized selection of popular AV cables that are available at every presenter’s fingertips in seconds.

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