Edge Storage

Video storage may not seem like the most important aspect of a Video Surveillance system initially. But in remote locations Storage is King! After deciding your appropriate Pixels Per Foot ratio, video storage becomes the next big hurdle. Edge storage has opened up new possibilities for Mega-Pixel video surveillance projects because it allows for remote storage without a connection to any network. Areas that are would cost $1,000’s to trench can now be set up with remote surveillance systems and integrated into a existing management system on a regular basis. 

Today we are seeing a 64-32GB maximum storage size for SD/SDHC card sizes. This can mean 2 weeks of storage for one camera OR only 1 day depending on the resolution, FPS and the motion you are trying to capture. For example a 5 MegaPixel camera (Axis P-1347-E) can store 3 days of video at 13 Frames/Sec, recording only 10% motion with a 32GB SD Card. These valuable 3 days are completely dependent on ONLY recording 10% of the time. So how do we conserve these valuable 3 days of storage?

The most important variable in storage conservation is Motion Screening. Typically the first place to look for savings is in “Motion Screen”. Motion screening does not block out a entire area of your video like a “Privacy Mask” but it does restrict the camera from recording on motion in that area. The first places to check are: Flickering lights, bushes/trees, and/or skyline. Safe places to keep motion triggering correctly are: pavement, blacktop and sidewalks. Motion Screening can typically be done in either your VMS Software such as ExacqVision or directly in your camera. The next place to look is setting recording restrictions such as 9AM-5PM OR 5PM-9AM. 

After you have restricted the recording on motion features to the best of your ability now it is time to consider Frames Per Second. Do you really need 30FPS to catch a license plate going through your gate OR can a burst 3 High Resolution images of the license plate suffice? If we take the above example of a Axis P-1347-E and turn down the FPS to 3, we increase the days of storage by 10! 

Until next time,

Paul Richards

Image Source(s): AXIS