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The conference room has never been so important. Meetings have greater reach and impact with today’s audio and video technologies. Everyday brings new advancements in technology and applications. We are in a time where communications limits are being swept aside by an avalanche of new discoveries. Harnessing those tools for your organization can mean a huge leap forward toward reaching your goals. Enable your organization to communicate smoothly across a digitally connected world

Why Upgrade Conference Room Technology Today?

Compatibility Issues:   Changing technologies are leaving old systems obsolete.  VGA has been replaced by HDMI.  EDID is complicating connectivity with legacy devices.  Not updating conference room technology means frustrated users and lost productivity.

Ease of setup and use: Conference room preparation time and system failures are minimized.  Systems are simple to use and highly reliable maximizing meeting productivity.

Reduced travel: With video and web conferencing, users can easily pull field personnel into crucial meetings, or meet face to face and share documents and visuals with clients without travel and travel related expenses.

Time savings: A well-designed, effective conference room system helps companies reduce the amount of time spent on unproductive us of time such as travel, room setup or booking external video conferencing services for training.

Cost reductions: Companies report that any capital investment pays for itself through savings from reduced travel and related costs, increased productivity, and elimination of equipment or venue rentals.

Increased productivity: The ability to bring together all persons important to any meeting or decision is producing results.  Companies report better meeting outcomes, faster decision-making, more productive client presentations and more effective training sessions.

53 hours, 24 minutes
The average time participants spend preparing for, traveling to and attending an in-person meeting with five people — more than three times the amount required for an audio or video conference.
SOURCE: “Meetings in America” (Verizon, 2012)

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