Live Streaming Systems

live streaming studio

Add live streaming to any room. Marketing and sales activities are now harnessing the power of live streaming. With a live stream, your team can connect to the world instantly, and our team will help you fulfill that mission. HSI can walk you through integrating the PTZOptics Producer Kits, which offer multiple camera control. These kits offer a high quality, pre-built solution for recording and live streaming. These kits can be purchased from our store and easily integrated, or HSI can provide custom installation for larger broadcast projects.

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Key Financial

Learn more about the live streaming studio built for Key Financial to increase video production capabilities in this video. In this case study, the team at HSI Integration worked with Key Financial to build a live streaming studio. This studio is used to create marketing videos and host live webinars with clients. The system includes live streaming cameras, microphones, and a video production area. The system is complete with a confidence monitor and teleprompter for the on-camera talent. 

Products in this case study:

  1. PTZOptics camera with teleprompter 
  2. vMix video production software
  3. Ceiling Mounted Microphones
  4. Colored Paper Backdrop
  5. Wireless Lapel microphones