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Advances in technology are creating radical improvements in audiovisual control systems. Where systems were previously based on often complex hardware controllers, the future lies in the use of software, mobile devices, and integrated control. This change from hardware to software control will not only make AV systems more powerful, but it will also make them easier to use.

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Ease of use is one of the most in-demand criteria for new audiovisual control systems. As the use of AV in presentations, meetings, and educational settings is becoming more common, users want systems that are easy to operate and can be started without any help from IT support. This is also a considerable benefit for often overstretched IT departments that can’t afford to be present every time AV technology is used, especially in settings with a large number of meeting rooms.

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With new software-based audiovisual control systems, users will no longer need training or even printed manuals to get started. Controls will be simple and intuitive, allowing an untrained user to start almost instantly. In fact, with proper integration and programming, rooms can be set up to sense when someone walks in and automatically power up components. Systems can automatically detect when a new device has been plugged in and send the input to the projectors or screens. They can even close blinds or dim lights automatically when a presentation starts. Even if the presenter needs to make changes, the process can be simple. Instead of large and complex touchpad controls that require precise operating instructions, users can make adjustments using a smartphone, tablet, or smaller, simpler touch controller. These changes will have an impact on audiovisual integrators and IT specialists. With the advance of software controllers that can be accessed over IP networks, the line between AV and IT is becoming fuzzier. Either AV companies will need to gain a broader understanding of IT, or IT will need to wade into the waters of AV.

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These changes will also have an impact on how vendors, installers, and integrators will support controllers as they become software-based. Hardware warranty and service models have been perfected over many years. Now, while hardware like displays, amplifiers, and speakers will still need to maintained, upgraded, and replaced, the software may require pricing models more similar to those that already exist in the IT world.

Since updates and upgrades to software can be handled remotely over the network, will controller software come with free updates? Will it be warrantied against bugs? Will, the vendor makes changes when new hardware is added to the system or new features become available with the software?

The shift to software-based audiovisual control systems is going to be a considerable improvement both for daily users and the IT departments that support them. However, it will require some adjustments on behalf of those who sell, install, and service AV equipment. We may see audio-video companies expanding their personnel and training to support more software-centric system design. Or, we may see IT companies and departments expanding their knowledge further into the realm of AV to support the equipment as well as the software. Either way, users will win with audiovisual control systems that are more powerful and easier than ever to use.

Crestron Control Systems

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“Haverford Systems came in and gave us some great suggestions and designed the system for us and it has been working great. We have all levels of users and different technological backgrounds and they are all using the Smart Board. We needed a way to capture what was in the meeting, we had nothing previously in the conference room, no sound system or anything so we needed sound, we wanted something where we could display videos as well as meeting presentations and those were are requirements. They were met well by Haverford Systems. All along the way, our sales rep was here working with contractors and the installers to ensure everything went smoothly.”

Debbie Depeppe, IT Manager, WAVE