AV Installs

Free Installation Kits

From small to large, we offer kits without an additional cost for installation. Set up your huddleroom, boardroom, auditorium, or any other sized room with our pre-designed custom kits without the need to set it up yourself. 

Read more about the custom kits here

Affordable Easy to Setup and Install Conference Room Systems

Visit Conference Room Systems for super affordable, easy to setup and use systems for typical conference rooms.  Shop online for the latest in Web Conferencing Cameras and Systems.  Find proven, tested DYI systems for your Huddle Rooms.

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems reduce conversational distractions while increasing worker concentration, productivity, accuracy and satisfaction.  Sound Masking helps prevent eavesdropping.

Learn more about Sound Masking here or visit our latest case study here. 

Live Streaming Systems

Whether your organization is using live video streaming for marketing or internal data visualization… Streaming media is a leading force in communications today. HSI Integration can help your organization build an affordable video production studio to create high powered webinars, marketing videos and internal communication updates. 

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