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Welcome and thank you for your interest in learning more about Haverford Systems.  If you are like many of our visitors you are not yet a customer and you are considering us for a current project.   You are faced with a difficult decision and need to make the right choice.  Hopefully you have already had a chance to meet with one of our experienced systems consultants to discuss your project.  We also hope that you have had a chance to visit our design center to better understand the technologies being considered.  Perhaps you have our detailed proposal and you are making your final decision.

If this is why you are visiting today the question on your mind may be “Is Haverford Systems a good choice for my project and why?”.  We can help you answer this question by providing you a list of important facts about us.  Following are points to consider that we hope will help you with the important decision you are making.

Haverford Systems strives to be the region’s highest quality source for custom technology systems design, integration, installation, service and support.  We consistently complete our projects on time and on budget.

We are highly specialized with a narrow focus on Audio Visual Technology and its confluence with IT resources.

All of our work is produced by Haverford Systems experienced, skilled and specialized employees.  We do not subcontract any element of our work.  We are a single source and point of responsibility.

Every effort is made to limit any impact on your operations leading up to and during installations.

We have our own fabrication shop to customize and manufacture parts and systems to meet very specific needs and site conditions.  This reduces reliance on outside help to complete your project on time and on budget.

We are extremely self-reliant, independent and long term.  We own our own building and are 100% self-financed.

We are committed to sustainability.   We feel strongly that it is our responsibility to continue to strive to produce more with less natural resources.   Our first move was to eliminate as much energy waste as possible.  We conducted an energy audit and completed a building wide energy efficient lighting retrofit.  Next we designed, built and installed our own Solar Power Generation Station.  Today we are a net producer of electricity.  100% of the electricity we use is produced by clean, renewable power from the sun.  You can view our solar production meter by clicking here: Haverford Systems Solar Meter.

We’ve invested in a fleet of hybrid cars for our sales and service teams.  This has reduced our gas usage by over 50%.  The audio visual systems that we design and install are built to minimize operating costs and energy consumption for their owners.   Partnering with Haverford Systems is an extension of your own Green Initiatives.  You can be certain that your project will be produced with the least amount of energy possible while treading lightly upon our planet.

We appreciate your consideration and are eager to be of service to you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have regarding our organization.  Many of our regions’ largest organizations rely on Haverford Systems.  We are hopeful that you will join us.

Best regards,

Hugh William Richards
President & Founder


Please read this overview from our Director of Operations.

August 16, 2013

Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you for taking the time to consider Haverford Systems. I hope you find the following helpful in your investigation.

Our Design Philosophy

Our designs are, first and foremost, client driven.  We consider much more than the technology itself while designing solution options that provide our clients with the best overall value and satisfaction.  Ultimately, we measure our own success by the success of our clients.

  • Solutions must be designed for and tuned to our client’s own specific processes and workflow.
  • Solutions must provide the highest performance, utilizing the best of available technology.
  • Solutions must be easy to use ensuring their fit and regular use in our client’s workflow, including standardization where appropriate.
  • Solutions must be reliable and provide a consistent and successful daily user experience.
  • Solutions must require the least amount of ongoing maintenance and management.
  • Solutions must support our client’s mission and public image.

While considering the factors above, our designs are also value engineered to ensure that we are providing the greatest value to our partners.  We design and build to our partner’s expressed need, while including considerations for future expansion and upgrading.  Our design process is a collaborative one, including our clients in all aspects of the design, including form, fit and function.  Haverford Systems also works regularly with and collaborates with other members of the project team, including architects, designers, other product and system vendors, general and subcontractors.  We take a holistic approach to design that looks beyond the narrow scope of our systems and considers how they interface with and relate to the rest of the environment and its systems.  This flexibility and viewpoint makes us a strong partner in the process, guaranteeing success.  While we pride ourselves on designing intuitive and reliable system user interfaces, experience has shown us that not all users have the same needs or requirements.  We remain flexible and work together with our clients to design the interface for each system that best meets their specific needs.  Haverford Systems is highly regarded by our clients and our industry for our dedication, professionalism, innovation, reliability and expertise.

Our Process

Each project has an assigned Project Manager.  Depending upon the scope of the project, there may be one Designer or a team of Designers working together, with each contributing their unique areas of expertise to the team.  Our Designers are all well rounded but each also makes a special study of specific technologies to further deepen Haverford’s knowledge, capabilities and experience.  Our teams work with our client-partners from initial consultation, scope and budget development, through installation, system commissioning and end user training.  The Project Manager and Designers also maintain responsibility for a project throughout its lifecycle, providing specific project knowledge in support of our Field Service Department.  This continuity also provides excellent support for our Account Managers and our clients when considering how best to upgrade existing systems to maximize the system’s useful life and performance.

Our History and Capabilities

Haverford Systems is a design-build firm with our early roots in the computer and networking industry.  Established in 1987, we are now in our 27th year of business.  Haverford Systems has always been at the forefront of sustainability, from our early days supporting the transition from analog to digital documentation and communications to our more recent support for energy efficient lighting and lighting control, our fleet of Prius hybrids and our company owned, designed and built, on-site solar energy plant that provides more than 100% of our annual electrical energy needs.  Our system designs are informed by this view of sustainability, incorporating LED lighting, LED backlit displays, digital audio amplifiers and signal processors, automatic lighting controls and other energy saving technologies wherever possible as well as LEED training for some of our Account Managers and Designers.

As audio-visual technologies move into the 21st century, they are now highly integrated into the larger IT world.  Haverford Systems maintains a sustained effort to remain ahead of this curve, adopting AV/IT integration as soon as it becomes available and offers increased value for our clients for a given technology.  We are a member of BICSI and have 2 Designers currently in the process of becoming RCDD certified.  These are not requirements for our industry but we feel that they are critical to on-going success in AV/IT integration.

Haverford Systems maintains certifications and authorizations from our technology manufacturers wherever appropriate, including but not limited to Creston, Extron, Polycom, Cisco, ClearOne, Axis, Blonder-Tongue, Haivision, Chief, DaLite, Epson, Panasonic, Shure…

Haverford Systems is a highly focused Design-Build Integrator, providing complete, turn-key systems.  We do not offer event staging, equipment rental, temporary personnel services or other services.  We are focused on providing and maintaining the finest built-in systems for successful corporate internal and external communications.  Our specialties include meeting spaces – including audio and video conferencing and collaboration, Digital Signage for mass communication, Sound Masking for improved workplace productivity and privacy, Network video for area surveillance, monitoring and digital archiving, Network multimedia content delivery – including live streaming, archiving, on-demand access, access control and encryption.   Haverford Systems also has specific knowledge and experience in designing and integrating room sound treatments and lighting treatments.

Haverford Systems keeps a close eye on emerging technologies that influence the spaces that we work in.  We consider these technologies critically from the perspective of how they can improve the user experience and overall value to our partners.  We are currently integrating technologies like smart phones and tablets, web conferencing and unified communication into our meeting spaces as well as into systems control and monitoring.  Haverford Systems has always been an innovator in our industry – from being early adopters of valuable new technologies – to designing and manufacturing our own unique products.  We are able to provide a level of customization for our clients that allows them to solve unique problems.

Haverford Systems maintains a beautiful Design Center in Downingtown, PA showcasing many of the solutions that we provide, including: HD displays, Room Audio and Video Conferencing, Video Conference Lighting, Video Conference Background Selection, Network Video Surveillance, Multimedia Streaming, Sound Masking, Digital Signage, System control and monitoring.  The Design Center is available for all clients to get a hands-on experience with these technologies before investing in them.

Haverford Systems maintains our own staff of dedicated in-house technical personnel and programmers, dedicated field installation teams and dedicated field service personnel.  We do not use subcontractors, unless specifically required to by our clients.  This all-in-house approach gives us a tighter control and improved reliability in our products and processes but also gives our clients a continuity that benefits them repeatedly during our long term vendor-client relationship.  Our systems are all built, configured, programmed and tested as much as is feasible in our facility before they are delivered, installed and commissioned on-site.  This process improves system reliability and reduces our footprint on our client’s room schedules.  Haverford Systems is a great place to work.  Our Design Team has an average tenure at Haverford Systems of 11.7 years with the shortest tenure being 7 years.  Our Dedicated Service Team averages 16 years tenure with the shortest being 14 years.  Similarly for our Field Installation Team 9.6 years/5 years and In-House technical and Programming 14 yrs/12 yrs.  Our high level of employee dedication and low turnover allow us to provide our clients with more consistency, reliability and better responsiveness.

Haverford Systems manages projects large and small, from multi-site fit-outs and whole building relocations to single room systems, with the same high level of dedication, professionalism and efficiency.  A sampling of our client list is included as an attachment but our large multi-site project clients include: Allegheny East Conference, Armstrong World Industries, AstraZeneca, Cabrini College, Chester County Emergency Operations Center, DE Army National Guard, Defense Logistics Agency – Phila, DuPont, Fish & Richardson P.C., Hersheys Foods, IFM Efector, Inc., Longwood Gardens, Millersville University, Southco Inc., The News Journal – Wilmington, Wakefern Food Corporation, Widener University, Wilson College.


Joe Mulcahy
Director of Operations

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Here are a few of us unleashing the power of our self built solar generation station. We built the system when times were slow during the recession. Now we enjoy clean, free electricity. Choosing Haverford Systems means a cleaner more sustainable future.

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