2013 Interactive LCD Review

Interactive LCD’s on the Market: 
What’s new & what’s different

3/3/2013: As promised the 2013 Interactive LCD guide is now available via PDF.  Let’s start with the Smart 8070i, 70″ dual touch display. Smart technologies patented Smart Notebook and Smart Meeting Pro are tried and true warriors of the Interactive Software world. You know when your using “Smart Software” because it is easy to use and most importantly it is Powerful! Smart has by far the best built software for the education market with Smart Notebook. It has been on the market for more than 10 Years and the new release of the software integrates with so many products that teachers already know how to use. Smart also has the only USB cable with the software built in. It’s a soft-client download solution just by plugging into the Smart Go-Wire cable. So in review, the Smart 8070i may be expensive but it is the only LCD that ships with Smart Software and the Smart Go-Wire.
The second LCD is the InFocus MondoPad. The MondoPad software is like a “Shell” for lack of better words which runs on top of a Windows 7 operating system. The software simplifies what programs a end-user has access to and therefore easily streamlines productivity. It also allows for customized access of anything a Windows 7 computer can do! This products also ships with a HD Camera and Audio Sound Bar which means you have an out of the box ready to go solution for video conferencing. I think the price point is great for the 70″ MondoPad and we also offer a 55″ Model for about half the price.
The Sharp PN-L702 has the best price point for any 70″ interactive LCD. Sharp has one of the best warranty’s on the market and it’s backed by one of the largest LCD manufactures. Some of the unique features from Sharp are integration with Sharp scanners and printers allowing documents to be scanned over the network directly to the display for annotation. Also the displau is dual touch and allows for mulitple users to annotate concurrently. The software is very basic but the revised Sharp Pen Software has been improved to provide access to multiple colors and pen sizes. I look forward to more powerful software and integration options for this competitively priced LCD manufacture.
The Panasonic TH-65 PB1U has the unique feature of annotating from across the room with a interactive pen. In fact up to 4 interactive pens can be used at one time, but they are the only way to interact with the board. The Panasonic TH-65 PBIU has amazing contrast ratio of 5,000,000 : 1. It’s also the smallest LCD at 65″ which is still plenty large enough for small conference rooms of 20×20′ or smaller.

Haverford Systems has the Smart 8070i on display at our design center. We can also provide product demonstrations of any of the above products.

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   70″ Interactive LCD Models
Features:Smart 8070iInFocus MondoPad
On Board PCNoYes
Includes MS Office 2010NoYes
Software IncludedSmart NotebookMondpad
USB Software LoaderSmart Go-Wiren/a
Dual TouchYesMulti-Touch
HD Inputs(3) HDMI(2) HDMI
Resolution1920 x 12001920 x 1200
Weight (require support)262 lb 181 lb
Warranty2 Year1 Year
Contrast Ratio1300:01:00?
Video Conferecing ready?Need Camera/MicYes
Features:Sharp Aquos 70″Panasonic  TH-65PB1U
On Board PCOptionalOptional $1,300
Includes MS Office 2010NoNo
Software IncludedSharp Pen Software Elite Panaboard Book
USB Software Loadern/an/a
Dual TouchYes4 Pens at Once 
HD Inputs(1) HDMI(1) HDMI (1) DVI-D
Resolution1920 x 12001920 x 1200
Weight (require support)154 lb132 lb
Warranty3 Year?
Contrast Ratio3000:01:005000000 : 1
Video Conferecing ready?Need Camera/MicNeed Camera/Mic